Sustainability – integrated in our business model

Sustainability must be integrated in our everyday. We see sustainability as three parts, Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Sustainability.

Social Sustainability – fully integrated in our thinking

We have decided that it is our mission to grow people and companies within Life Science. We want to support the development of all our associates so that they can use a larger part of their potential. We have an ambitious plan to become the Best Workplace in Life Science and export our ideas in this endeavor to as many as possible of our clients. We think that inclusion of different ethnic backgrounds make us stronger as a company, same thinking goes for age and gender. Workplaces where gender and age are well blended create the best results, at management level as well as among all associates. We have consultants that have passed their theoretical pension age, but where the mindset is young and challenging. Our business is all about people and finding the potential in each is the clue and making each flower going into full bloom is what we do every day.

Growing companies and fostering an Entrepreneurial culture in or own business  and also spreading it wider is of outmost social importance for our society and our future. We have worked hard  on creating  a Gazelle company, new jobs and workplaces are in the main created by Gazelles. Both our Swedish and our Danish companies have qualified as Gazelles, in Sweden 5 times as well as a nomination as Master Gazelle.

PharmaRelations  have supported and financed the growth of women starting entrepreneurial  micro companies  in India  for more than a decade so that they can support their children better. The last couple of years we have extended our support to lifting entire rural large villages in India, together with Hand in Hand making life better for thousands of people. We think that our work in India is important both for our own fulfillment and happiness, as well as in real terms. Enormous gaps between nations´ wealth must be reduced to avoid serious social clashes in the future.

Environmental Sustainability – We can do better

PharmaRelations as a service company is not a large environmental polluter, but we are seriously concerned about the tremendous risks with Climate Change. Everybody must do a part to avoid a future disaster for our Mother Earth.

Our offices in Stockholm and Oslo are located to environmentally sound buildings with environmental licenses. Not so in Helsinki and Copenhagen where we must integrate the environmental profile in the specification next time we move.

We do our best to avoid unnecessary travel, but ta the same time it is very important for us to meet our own employees as often as possible as well as our clients in person. Business is done by people, and relations are important to social health and to socially successful company cultures.

We have formulated a travel policy and a car policy from an environmental perspective, but there is more work needed before we live our policies in real life.

Economic sustainability – fighting for fair credit terms

Economic sustainability is well integrated in our business philosophy,  as PharmaRelations we want to be transparent and clear in our financial doings. We want to pay our smaller suppliers fairly within 30 days ourselves and are fighting large corporates abusing their size forcing smaller companies into long credit terms reducing the growth possibilities of their suppliers. This is a very serious problem that has long term consequences for the economic growth of societies and entrepreneurial companies.