Omnichannel Capabilities

At PharmaRelations Omnichannel Solutions, we help you create more and better omnichannel customer engagements. Our consultants have solid backgrounds in CRM and digital tools within the pharma industry. We are active in all four Nordic countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

We want to partner with your organization to lead the omnichannel transformation and accelerate the digital capabilities of our industry. Let’s discuss!

Our services are driven by 5 pillars: Strategic omnichannel, patient centricity, skill development, co-creation, and data driven.

Strategic Omnichannel

We aim to support our clients to achieve organizational goals by developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive omnichannel strategy.

Patient Centricity

Let's go deeply into understanding the holistic patient pathway and identify the characteristics of the key personas involved.


Embrace value creation by taking advantage of crowd wisdom.

Skill Development

We want to become a strategic partner in building a patient centered omnichannel organization.

Data Driven

Expanding the use of data-based platforms and media, and generating information to support decision making.

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Take a look at our recommendations and easy next steps to boost your omnichannel capabilities.

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