PharmaRelations 4th Gazelle Company award - we made it!


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Early December 2017, PharmaRelations will be present at Dagens Industri´s  Gazelle Gala in the Stockholm Concert Hall, celebrating the fact that we are a ”Gazelle Company”, a fast grower,  for the 4th time based on  us doubling our sales over three years 2014-2016.

PharmaRelations was named ”Gazelle Company” three years in sequence 2007, 2008 and 2009.

During 2015 we  decided to challenge ourselves and endeavour to become a Gazelle Company , a 4th time,  based on  sales development 2014-2016.  A tough challenge as it is more difficult to become a Gazelle Company when larger.  We decided to go for it, true to our company spririt and our corporate values.

WE MADE IT ! Having closed our books in December, we have qualified as a Gazelle Company for the 4 th time! For us, Growth is a proof of satisfaction with our services, satisfied clients come back, satisfied consultants stay with us, or are  recruited by our clients. We are  proud, we committed to a challenge, and we made it !