The Characteristics of a Gazelle Company


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The concept of the Gazelle Company stems from the fast and agile Gazelle

Gazelle companies are geared to grow, when they meet obstacles not to be overcome they are flexible and can turn direction on the spot, and continue to grow fast, using another track.

Speed, agility and flexibility are common characteristics of the Gazelle company, the fast growers of the business sector.

During the past 15 years of DI Gazelle Prize celebrations in Sweden, some 215 000 new jobs have been created by the Gazelle companies, a small group of companies creating a large part of the new jobs, not only in Sweden, but across western economies, the Gazelle phenomenon exists everywhere in developed economies. The growth of the Gazelle companies is normally financed by their own cash flows, they tend not to take in external capital and carry little debt. Their role model from nature can reach a speed of 85 kilometers per hour, the Gazelle company doubles in size every 3 years, or faster.