What it takes to Qualify as a Gazelle Company


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The requirements on a Gazelle company are high.

Sales have to double (100%) over a period of three years, organically, not through acquisitions. The Gazelle companies have to stay profitable each year of the same
3-year period.

In order to become a Gazelle company, the treshold sales are 10 MSEK with minimum 10 employees. In Sweden there are some 30 000 companies that live up to these minimum requirements. Only 1000 of these become a Gazelle company every year, a mere 3%.

You normally find Gazelle companies among the small or medium sized companies, but there are a few large companies that qualify as fast growers evey year. Dagens Industri presents the Gazelle companies in the autumn every year, based on audited accounts from the previous year. The final Gazelle Celebration takes place in Stockholm early December every year.