Denmark Team To Qualify For First Danish Gazelle Award


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Our Danish team is challenging themselves, want to qualify as a Gazelle company during 2020, based on hard work 2018-2020.

New challenge – PharmaRelations to qualify as a Danish Gazelle company in its own right

Our Danish subsidiary has developed fast over the years. After 5 Gazelle Awards for PharmaRelations Group, our Danish team have decided to challenge themselves to become a Danish Gazelle.

"We love challenges in PharmaRelations, this is an important challenge as we see our mission  to grow people and companies in Life Science, and it is about walking the talk. We grow as we add fantastic competence and our clients ask for more services. In the past six months we have added many talented staff members and plan to extend our competence further. A Gazelle qualification during 2020 will be like a quality stamp that we are doing most things right", says Kim Raabymagle, Country Head Denmark.