Celebrating being Gazelle Company for the 4th time


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On December 5, 2017 PharmaRelations participated in Dagens Industri´s Gazelle Gala in the Stockholm Concert Hall, celebrating the fact that we are a ”Gazelle Company”, a fast grower, for the 4th time based on us doubling our sales over three years 2014-2016.

PharmaRelations was named” Gazelle Company” three years in sequence 2007, 2008 and 2009.

During 2015 we decided to challenge ourselves and endeavor to become a Gazelle Company, a 4th time, based on sales development 2014-2016. A tough challenge as it is more difficult to become a Gazelle Company when larger. We decided to go for it, true to our company spirit and our corporate values.

WE MADE IT AND HAVE CELEBRATED OUR VICTORY! For us, growth is a proof of satisfaction with our services, satisfied clients come back, satisfied consultants stay with us. We are proud, we committed to a challenge, and we made it!