We understand the responsibilities and expectations of companies and the boards that lead them have changed significantly in recent years. Meaning that the criteria to ensure a chair or CEO will succeed has as well. Our expert life sciences search team can advise and guide to ensure you recruit and onboard individuals with the right blend of hard and soft skills needed to secure the future long-term success of the company.

The Brief

We seek to learn as much about the history, present and future of the company. This might include discussing topics such as your triple bottom line framework, the culture that underpins your organization, your employer value proposition. Thereafter, we discuss the position you are seeking to fill. We want to learn as much as we can about the responsibilities of the position as well as the profile you believe you are seeking, from technical skills & experience through to behaviors and competences.

During the assignment

We have a mixed approach to source the right person for the position. This may include reaching out to our extensive existing network, search and headhunting as well as advertising.  Together, we agree on a clear action plan and deliverables from the outset of the assignment. Upon commencement and throughout the process, we keep you informed in a timely manner and treat all candidates with a high level of dignity and respect.  The candidates we present to you have been interviewed in-depth by the recruitment advisor based upon the criteria defined in the job specification meeting (hard and soft skills).  In our presentation of candidates, we highlight both the areas of strength as well as aspects which may be of concern or require further probing.

After the assignment
We will together with you evaluate the process. Here we ask for feedback from you. Equally we share feedback to you regarding the process from the candidate’s perspective. The candidate experience is crucial to ensure a positive experience and impression of your company, and ours. 


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