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”PharmaRelations är möjligheternas företag. Professionella rekryteringsprocesser som möjliggör för den karriärsugne att nå sina mål. Som konsult känner man sig delaktig och sedd. Tydlig och klar ledarskap som motiverar och inspirerar.”

Jeen Khalid 

I first saw Pharmarelation on LinkedIn and later made contact with Kim Raabymagle in Denmark for a network meeting. I feel very fortunate that Kim could see me in a role for a current client, so the meeting turned into a job interview. The hiring process was quick and feedback constructive. This is the first time I have been on a private contract, but with productive support from Pharmarelations, the change from public sector has been very smooth. I feel that Pharmarelations cares about their consultants, engages in our work environment, and supports professional growth.

Janni Lisander Larsen

"My experience working as a consultant with Pharma Relations including the recruitment process were : 1. You have given me tremendous support in the recruitment process ; introduced me to companies that you believe fits in my professional background and the same time taking into consideration my view and opinion about the concerned company you recommended. 2. Pharma Relations have taken care of me as a consultant from the beginning on to the end of my contract. Substantial information were shared for me to understand the process being as consultant, explained by Sabine Tärnell who was incredibly knowledgeable in how she explained the steps and procedures one by one with clarity. 3. I have a great experience in working with you, the transparent communication and regular updates were a very positive experience and made me feel cared for and valued. It was great to have met you and have worked with you together in this endeavour."

Grace Zagler

"I had a wonderful experience, working on a project, as a part of PharmaRelations team. I will always be thankful to PharmaRelations for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to work as a Consultant. I couldn’t have chosen a better company for my first employment in Denmark. PharmaRelations team is open, friendly and always ready to assist you. They truly inspired me with their work-culture that is based on trust, confidence and employee satisfaction. They care for their consultants’ professional and personal development and that is one of the most important qualities I look for, in an organization. I would be happy to work with PharmaRelations again".

Sumbul Afzal

“PharmaRelations is a serious, professional yet familial company. Whenever I enter the PR office or meet the PR team I feel the positive atmosphere and helpfulness. I have from the beginning felt listened to and my desires have been taking seriously. They have supported me and given my career a push forward. I would recommend PR any day!”

Liza Franzén

"PharmaRelations gav mig möjlighet att få värdefull erfarenhet inom läkemedelsindustrin. Som konsult får man ett professionellt och varmt bemötande, bra handledning och snabb återkoppling. Jag kan varmt rekommendera PharmaRelations som arbetsgivare!"

Sofia Nordenmalm

"At Pharma Relations I develop both professionally as well as personally. Pharma Relations enabled me to take on new challenges and therefore broaden my competence as well as my network."

Nadia Rouhani

"Att vara konsult hos PharmaRelations är något jag skulle rekommendera alla nyfikna människor oberoende vart i karriären man står. Dels talar atmosfären som möter en när man kommer in på kontoret om att detta är en arbetsplats man vill vara en del av. Sen känns det otroligt spännande med de möjligheter som kontaktnätet till PharmaRelations kan bidra med till egen karriär. Min erfarenhet från rekryteringsprocessen till nuvarande uppdrag kändes professionell och genuin från första början och mitt intryck har förstärkts ju mer jag lärt känna bolaget. Hos PharmaRelations bemöts du av ett fantastiskt gäng av professionella, engagerade och pålitliga kollegor som kan hjälpa dig att hitta drömuppdraget."

Carina Akerhei

"Thanks to PharmaRelations I have learned about new interesting areas within life science. It's great that everybody seems to have found a position or a project that fits them well. At PharmaRelations there is plenty of room to grow and progress and lot of possibilities."

Paula Wennström